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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good news from the doc!

Monday afternoon I had a check up with my cardiologist and everything looked great! My ticker is in good shape and the doc didn't have any concerns. He will see me once a month to take a look at things and make sure there are no changes in my status.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Answer to most asked question #6:

YES, Andie is "the man"!

Still figuring out how to blog...

Okay, here's the answers to the most common questions so far....

1. No we are not kidding, we really are going to have twins
2. Twins do not run in either of our families that we know of...however, Brooke's mom and Andie's dad are both adopted so there's a lot we don't know
3. This was a completely spontaneous gift from God...NO fertility treatments were used. (Unless a glass of red wine counts!)
4. The projected due date is August 25, 2009 but the doctor expects I'll deliver about 3 weeks before that
5. We're not sure if they are identical or fraternal just yet...the doctor should be able to tell by about 16 weeks

More updates and pictures to come soon as I figure out how to work this blog thing!

We've joined the blogging world!

Well, here we are starting our own blog as a way to keep up communication with family and friends. We have had so many questions since announcing our wonderful news that we can't keep up with the emails. This will give us a chance to keep everyone posted on our progress and keep up do date on all the pertinent info. Check in often for updates on us and the babies!