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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year- new tricks!

The girls had a wonderful Christmas with tons of presents. Lots of new clothes and toys, and they got to try sitting in their big girl high chairs and eating rice cereal for the first time! They did pretty good- Allison seemed to like it better than Addison. I have a feeling Addison is going to be our picky eater.

Just a little messy!

Not too excited...

This is fun stuff!

Not bad after all!

They are changing so quickly these days. Each new skill is so exciting to see but I'm also sad about how fast they are growing up. They both have really good dispositions and are really happy all the time. Allison loves to babble- she carries on conversations with appropriate facial expressions and all...the only problem is we have no idea what she's trying to say! Addie babbles too, but she has learned to squeal at the top of her lungs and she thinks it's really fun to do it over and over. Addison's gross motor skills are better than Allie's, she can sit up by herself for a few seconds and she loves to stand up and try to balance. Allie is more content to not have to use any muscles whatsoever- you probably tell that just by looking at how chubby she is! Both of them hate tummy time and haven't learned to roll over consistently yet because I'm a bad mom and don't make them do their tummy time as often as I should.
Addison has also learned that it is really fun to nose dive, or jump off of my lap and let me catch her. She will do it over and over...I just have to be paying attention when she's sitting with me cause she usually doesn't give me any warning before she does it! She is definitely going to be the adventurous one that gets into all sorts of mischief. Allie will be my rule follower and is content to just sit back and watch all the action.
When I act silly I can usually illicit a giggle from Addison, but Allison just looks at me like I'm a moron. It's so fun to see how different their personalities are. Allison is a lot more serious than Addie. They are both drooling a ton and anything within reach goes right into their mouths...I bet teeth are right around the corner1

Too much fun in our jumpers....nap time!

Happy girl!

I'll chew on anything within reach!