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Saturday, February 6, 2010

1/2 a year old already???- slow down!!!

The girls are 6 months old this week and I'm very depressed about how fast they are growing up. It seems like just yesterday that we brought them home. Look how much they have changed and grown! (Mom and Dad have changed and grown in the past 6 months too....Andie has lost weight and I've gained!) They are starting to really look "identical" now...when we brought them home I wasn't totally convinced that they were actually identical twins but now there is no denying it. Addison weighed 18 lbs 12 oz (90%) at her 6 month check up and was just over the 75% for height. Allison weighed 19 lbs 9 0z (95%), and was just under the 75% for height. They are big, tall, healthy girls! Allie is still a little more round in the face but since she is off the prednisone she is slimming down, and looking more and more like Addie. They love to giggle and play with each other. They are both learning to roll over, and Addison has put her bottom in the air trying to crawl. They are eating cereal, fruits, and veggies- they have good appetites and aren't picky eaters like their Momma!

This is the day we brought Allie home from the hospital- they're 2 weeks old here! I can't remember their exact weights but they were somewhere around 5 pounds! Sooo tiny, it's hard to remember they were ever that small!

Andie has been working out religiously since this picture was taken- I'm not sure of his total weight loss but he looks great and I'm so proud of him! I on the other hand have gained 12 pounds since this picture due to some hormonal issues related to birth control. I'll be getting that straightened out in the next week or so and hopefully I'll lose some of what I've gained.

6 months! Their noses, mouths, and expressions are like carbon copies!

Sweet, sweet angels! This is a really fun stage and I don't want it to pass! They are the light of my life and SO much fun!