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Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm still here...swollen and waddling, but here!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted- there hasn't been much news to report other than I continue to get bigger and more uncomfortable. My ankles pretty much stay swollen all the time and I can no longer avoid the pregnancy waddle. The hormones are starting to flow freely; the other night I had my first hysterical crying jag in the bathtub. I got really nervous that the girls are coming so soon and freaked out that I wasn't ready for them to be here. I was all worried that I had no clue how to handle one baby, let alone two, and what in the world possessed me to think that I was intelligent or patient enough to raise children! All I kept thinking is that I didn't want them to come out ever, which is ironic since I'm so uncomfortable that on most days I'd give anything to have them out of there! Luckily that passed and I'm back to being very excited to see their sweet faces.

I have several doctor appointments on Thursday so I'll be sure to post updates on the babies and progress then. The lastest word from the doc is that I'll definitely deliver between 37-38 weeks...that's only 6 weeks away! Yikes, I have a lot to do.

This past weekend was my family reunion in Kerrville. We spend a weekend there every year and Andie and I always enjoy the get away. This was the first time anyone from that side of the family had seen me since I've been pregnant. My cousin is also pregnant- she's only a couple of weeks behind me so it was kinda cool for two of us to be in the same state- though she's not near as big as me! This is my dad's side of the family so it was a little bittersweet to so be with his whole family on Father's Day weekend- I really wish he could see me now! I know he'd be so proud of me for picking such a great guy to be the father of my children, and he'd be head over heels for these two sweet angels! I think he'd be amazed at how big my belly is too!

How about that belly!!

Here's my cousin- what a difference a few weeks and an extra baby makes! You can barely tell she's pregnant and I look like I'm about to pop! Doesn't she look great!

Here's my dad's brothers and some more of my cousins.

What a fun weekend, it was nice to get one last vacation in before Addison and Allison join us!
We ordered the cribs today and they should arrive in about a week. I also have been working on a mural for the nursery. I'll post some pictures of that as soon as I get it all done.

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  1. Brooke you will be a wonderful mother! You look awesome!