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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bath time, nap time, mommy has no time!

The girls are 11 weeks old and growing like weeds. They are eating non-stop it seems like, especially Allison. She is still taking the steroid for her birthmark and it makes her very hungry and very irritable...I will be so glad when they take her off of it because she is so fussy and has a hard time staying asleep at night which totally messes up her daytime sleep schedule. In fact she fell asleep sitting up in the bumbo chair while I was busy putting Addie down for a nap!

Addison is sleeping 5-6 hours at night pretty consistently but Allison is having a hard time going back down after a feeding and she is very fussy. She sleeps 4-5 hours after her evening feeding but then wants to stay up after the middle of the night feeding and then only stays asleep 2-3 hours. I think it will get better once she starts weaning off of the steroid. I'm really hoping they can start sleeping a little longer through the night and have been experimenting with their feeding and sleeping schedule to try to get this done, but I haven't found the magic combo just yet.

We went and visited with my cousin who had a baby a month after the girls were born. The girls got all dressed up so they could impress baby Jake but I'm not sure who had the bigger crush- the girls or Jake!

Here's the girls during bath time wearing their favorite hooded towels- aren't they the cutest!

I'm shopping for a slipcover for the couch. In the past 24 hours both girls have spit up on the couch and had leaking poopy diapers that got on the couch! Yuck, I've cleaned and cleaned and can still smell the poop if I sit in a certain spot! Oh the joys of having twins...they have to one up each other all the time. If one has a poop disaster the other is sure to follow!
The back to work count down is on...I go back on Thursday and I'm not happy about it :(

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  1. Oh me, oh my. Doesn't make me miss infancy. Ok, well, maybe a little. A little eensy weensy bit. But once you get all that eating, sleeping, playing business straightened's soo much fun! The girls might be too young yet for "sleep training", and you might be getting all kinds of advice, but I really like the book Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Dr. Richard Ferber. Helped us through tough times.