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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas picture out-takes

Life with twins is always fun and interesting and getting the family Christmas pictures taken was no exception....we had to take multiple pics in order to capture a few good ones for the Christmas card this year. Here are some of the out takes where the girls are looking less than thrilled to be dressed up and posing! Allison, in particular, often has a look of mild disdain for the whole process and seems a little more expressive. Happy Holidays!

"Seriously, mom??"
"You're lucky I'm looking at the camera- asking me to smile is just too much to ask"

"Alright already, how many times are we going to do this pose?"

"I've been looking at that camera for the past 15 sister is way more interesting"

" Bored doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now- are we done yet?"

"This is really not any fun anymore... "

"Ahh, that's better. A little more relaxed, and we finally got to get rid of those ridiculous hats!"


  1. HA... Did you get some "card worthy" ones as well? Although I love these- they will be fun to look back on.

  2. Ha! Happy Holidays! I love those sweet pink hats!!

  3. I feel your pain! Those are super cute and totally worth using for your card. You should see on FB the ones we took of our fmaily. IT was such a chore to get a few of us together or a good one with Santa. But those are the ones I wish I would have used on the cards we sent out as opposed to the nice picture perfect ones we had done in the fall. Oh well. Merry Christmas to you and your darling family.