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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Before Andie died there weren't so many questions. Things were relatively permanent. I was married to this man. I would raise these kids. We would live in this town. Our kids would go to these schools. We would stay in these jobs.

Now everything feels so in limbo. One piece of the puzzle missing dramatically alters the whole picture. I keep up with the other widows who started this journey about the same time I did. We are all in limbo. Some are in new relationships, some are engaged, some are merging new families and becoming step-parents, some have moved homes, some have changed jobs. Some have done more than one of these things. Some have done none.

It is hard to have your life pretty well mapped out only to find yourself in uncharted territory without a compass. It is hard to make sense of this feeling; exhilarated about a second chance and new options while profoundly sad that none of it is what you ever really wanted. I suspect that like me, they too have some anxiety about it all. Longing for the ease and normalcy that comes when you think you know how it all will work out.

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  1. Yes, yes and yes! There is lots of anxiety and lots of hope all jumbled up in a crazy mess. Always striving to enjoy the adventure yet catching my breath in those moments I see what was in the eyes of my children. I'm with ya, riding out the limbo, trying to enjoy the moment, grieving for those we have lost but always holding on for tomorrow!