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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today is Father's Day. In years past this day has made me profoundly sad for the loss of my own father and for the loss of my childrens' father.  But for some reason today I don't feel sad. Perhaps it's because I just spent an entire weekend with all of my extended family. Today I feel lucky.

Lucky that there are many men in our lives who are wonderful father figures to me and my girls, and who provide excellent examples of what it means to be a great father.  Numerous uncles, cousins, and friends, my phenomenal father in-law, my brother, my brother in-law, my boyfriend...I feel lucky to witness the love all of these men have for their children and families.  I feel lucky that my girls have so many wonderful examples of active fathers who love, protect, and provide for their families. 

I feel lucky that I even have a reason to celebrate this day.  I feel lucky that I get to reflect on what an awesome father my dad was while he was here.  I feel lucky that Andie and I got the chance to have our own beautiful children together and I get to remember the complete adoration he had for them.  I feel so lucky and incredibly blessed that my girls and I have so much love and support surrounding us not only today, but every day.


  1. i'm finding a similar experience this year brooke...

  2. You are so blessed. You deserve peace and happiness.

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