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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

23 weeks!

Mom had a BBQ at her house over the weekend so Andie and I took advantage of the photo op since we were both dressed decent. I bought some more maternity clothes because Penney's was having a buy one, get one for 88 cents sale- I got enough stuff to get me through the rest of the pregnancy in style!

Went to the doctor yesterday and everything was "perfect" according to her!!! Love to hear that word coming from a doctor! Baby A had done some more acrobatics and flipped herself around so she's no longer head down. Both babies are head up which looks much sweeter than having their feet in each other's faces. They are both moving all the time so I'm sure they won't stay in this position for long. The doctor told me to gain about a pound a week from here on out...I was a little worried that I had gained 5 pounds in the past two weeks alone, but she said I was right on track and doing really well- only up 19-20 pounds total. I think some of that must be water weight since I can't get my ankles to stop swelling!
Our entire school district is closed down until May 11th due to the swine flu so maybe I'll get enough rest and keep my feet up enough over the next week and a half that my ankles will get a nice break. I'm looking forward to a little R&R! Maybe I'll get the nursery painted.


  1. Wow! That's amazing that the whole district closed down. I haven't followed the news in a couple of days so I haven't heard the latest on it. Keep those hands washed girl!! (Do I sound like a mom or what?) What a nice break for a pregnant mom of twins though...

  2. Yes, definitely a blessing in disguise! I'm going to enjoy every minute off!