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Friday, April 24, 2009

Interior design in my next life...

I have been having so much fun looking at things and designing the nursery that I think I might go into interior design in my next life. It's waaaaay more fun than my day job! I've hired someone to custom build some bookshelves and cabinets for storage in the nursery and I'll be sure to post before and after pics once that process gets underway. I've also done a little more "design" work to the blog as you can see. I have to thank cousin Brook for helping me figure out how to do it!

I'm doing custom nursery bedding for each girl. Mom helped me narrow down fabric and paint swatches and caught a picture of me contemplating the big decision! I'll put pictures of the actual bedding up once I get it...I know it's kinda hard to envision how it will all come together from a few scraps of fabric. I can't wait to see the finished product!

I went to the doctor today and everything looked great with both babies and with me. I'm still having some swelling in my ankles by the end of the day but the doctors are not concerned at all because my blood pressure is staying so low. In fact, today is was 93/44- not bad! The twins are moving A LOT- Andie and I watched my belly bounce around last night which is pretty cool to see! They have moved position a little bit. They were both laying horizontally but now Baby A has her head down and her feet near my belly button and Baby B has her feet near A's face and her head over to the right side of my abdomen. On the sonogram today Baby A yawned and then tried several times to get her thumb in her mouth- she's still not very coordinated just yet and couldn't quite make the connection but it was fun to watch her! We are so anxious to meet these sweet little things!!!

I posted a new belly pic to the right for those who care to see my ever increasing expanse of pale white belly!

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