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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who do they look like???

I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow and I had a check up at the doc today. She got a new sono machine and was all excited to try a 4D sonogram, and I got to be the guinea pig! Here is a beautiful face shot of Allison, and on the left of the picture you can see the side of Addison's face (almost a profile) like she is kissing Allison on the cheek...aren't they the sweetest!! We are so proud of them already! I kinda think she has my chin and jaw line with Andie's lips. Andie thinks she has his forehead. Tell us what ya'll think! (I've posted a bigger version at the bottom of the blog)

On another has been suggested to me by more than one person that I should consider pregnancy modeling. After much consideration I've decided to take the advice of such good friends and have posted my very first photos below- FitPregnancy here I come!

I've chosen to show off the latest in "fashionable" and "comfortable" undergarments for pregnant women. You can see I have some lovely knee high support hose, along with the much anticipated Prenatal Cradle! It lifts and separates all sorts of body parts! More importantly, the Prenatal Cradle is an all one-piece contraption that requires extensive knowledge in the laws of balance and gravity to get it on- I don't suggest trying to put this on while standing up. Arranging all those straps and then stepping into the right holes is quite a feat. In fact, the safest bet is to sit in a quiet room with few distractions so you can concentrate, or better yet maybe lay on the floor so you just have to writhe and roll around instead of risking a fall. My doctors didn't want me exercising anymore but I showed them...I transitioned through no less than at least three advanced yoga poses getting this thing on. Daily workout- Check!

So you're probably wondering why I actually spent money on something that resembles a parachute harness, albeit without a parachute. The purpose of the Prenatal Cradle is to lift the belly up and support it so that pressure is taken off of the sciatic nerve and the veins in the front of the legs. This should alleviate some of the swelling in my ankles, lower back pain, and sciatic pain. I've also been experiencing a condition called pubic symphysis (yeah, google that without feeling embarrased!) which is pretty intense pain where the pelvic joints start to separate and pull apart to make room for the baby to fit through the birth canal. I keep telling the girls that they are not exiting through the birth canal but rather through my stomach, and they can stop making plans for the alternate travel route but they obviously listen as well as their father. Hence, why I'm having significant pelvic pain when I walk, stand up, roll over in bed, etc. This is also supposed to be helped by the Prenatal Cradle. I'll keep ya posted on the miracles this thing is supposed to work!


  1. Oooh, ahhh! SO CUTE! 4-Ds are just amazing. I think Allison is definitely looking like you...and if she can pull off that hot-harness-modeling thing as well as you then she is one special kid! Wanna know a crazy mom thing?! I found myself sitting here looking at the back ground in your picture picking out all the things that will be moved to new homes soon after the girls are mobile. Ha! The good news is that you CAN have both nice things and kids. Some people may think otherwise but we'll show 'em! ;) So, personal question if I may: did you decide not to have them vaginally or did the Dr. recommend it?

  2. The Dr. recommended it because they didn't want the birth stressing out her heart. :)

    HA! You are such a dork... I was expecting for serious modeling pictures (which surprised me- didn't think you would post them) and then got these. Love them!! Lol.

  3. Shannon is correct...C-section was recommended by my docs because vaginal would be too much stress on my heart to have to labor and push two out. There will definitely be some rearranging of the house once those four little hands start exploring!