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Monday, July 20, 2009

A "2 peas in the pod" baby shower!

This past weekend I had another baby shower with a "2 peas in the pod" theme- it was all so cute! My sister in-law Amy and Andie's aunt Kathy hosted the shower for me at Andie's Grandmommie's house. They did an awesome job!

Here's some of the beautiful flowers, and those little pea pods on the table are bath fizzy balls inside felt pea pods...too cute!

Amy the hostess, and her daughter Abbie showing off the food table.

They were even able to find napkins to match!

Amy made these cute centerpieces- she's so creative isn't she !?!?

More pea pods that Amy made. Me and my cousin Kristin- she's pregnant too!
The wonderful cake!

Me with the grandmothers and grandmommie

It was a great day with lots of great gifts including some very generous gift cards. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for the last minute items we'll need for the girls! Thanks everyone for such great gifts and a wonderful day!!


  1. I am praying that the girls arrive easily and things go smoothly. Your last post was a.w.e.s.o.m.e! I hope I have half of your thoughtfulness and wisdom when we start a family. Hang in there and have fun shopping today!!! Where are u delivering??

  2. You will definitely have all the thoughtfulness and's all the hormones that make you all emotional!! I'm delivering at Methodist Hospital in SA.