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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sooner rather than later???

Today we visited the perinatologist and my OB. Everything was right on track with the babies and next week the perinatologist will measure their growth to see how much they weigh. They tried to get a good 3D sono picture but the girls have their feet in each other's faces and we couldn't really get a clear view.

At the OB we were supposed to pick our c-section date today, but my doctor wanted to hold off on setting a date because after she checked my cervix she found that I am 70% effaced but I'm not dilated just yet. This is a big change from the last time I saw her when I wasn't effaced or dilated at all. She told me from here on out I am on a modified bedrest and need to "lay low" and not do any activities that aren't "absolutely necessary". Because I have progressed a little bit she was hesitant to set a c-section date until after we have the growth measurements done next week since their size may alter how soon she wants to move forward with things. Ideally she would still like me to make it to 37 weeks but she feels like the babies would be okay and not have to stay at the hospital if they came at 36 weeks, but again she wants to confirm all this after the growth measurements next week. I also had my first Braxton Hicks contraction this morning which also contributed to my OB wanting me to take it easy.

I was just telling my best friend yesterday that I thought I could tell things were changing with my body...guess a woman's intuition is right on!

The nursery bedding arrived yesterday and it is awesome! I need to iron the bed skirts since they were packed for shipping, but as soon as I get it put on the beds I'll get some pictures posted. That is if Andie will let me do some ironing...he's being a bedrest nazi already and making me lie down a lot!! Guess that's what good, loving husbands are for. I'm secretly happy that he'll have to do the grocery shopping this week!!! I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to sneak out of the house to get one last pedicure before the girls arrive. To me a pedicure is an "absolutely necessary" activity, but Andie isn't buying this rationale. I'll keep you all posted minute by minute!

I almost forgot...I did post a 33 week belly picture on the right for those who are keeping up with the growing circumference!


  1. Ahhhhhh!!! OMG, so exciting! Things are happening now, babee! I guess b/c you were so thin to start with, you really look great for TWINS. I need to email Andie for a sweet-husband-idea to have someone come do your pedicure at home?! Ha. I know what you mean though, even after my water broke and I was having crazy contractions, I still HAD to take a shower and wash my hair one last time and shave! I had to have smooth legs and "area" for the birth!

  2. Ha, That's so funny... He may have already gotten an e-mail. ;) Anyway, Brooke your belly is growing at a crazy rate. I can't believe it! Not long now- so exciting!!