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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

7 weeks old

The girls were 7 weeks old on Tuesday and I feel like time is flying by. They are getting so big already. Allie's medicine is working like a charm and the swelling on her eye has gone down considerably. She is opening her eye all the time and is very curious about everything around her. I can tell that she feels much better these days! The girls are both starting to sleep between 4 and 5 hours at a stretch and I'm having to wake them up to eat instead of the other way around- this is awesome!

Allison's MRI and MRA results were completely normal- there are no brain or vascular abnormalities! We were so relieved to hear those results yesterday. She also saw an ENT to make sure the hemangioma was not growing into her throat or airway- no problems there either! We saw the opthamologist and everything was fine there too.

When the girls were born we sent their bloodwork off to be tested to see if they carry the same genetic mutation that I have that results in my heart condition. Unfortunately the results came back positive...they do in fact have the same genetic mutation. However, the positive side is that when their aortas and hearts were looked at in the NICU both of them were completely normal. We will be able to monitor their cardiac status and hopefully prevent their aortas from ever dilating through preventative medicine. While I am disappointed that they even have to worry about this condition, I feel really great about the fact that we know so early and can closely monitor them. I didn't find out I had the condition until I was a teenager and by then my aorta had already dilated, so I am positive that we can prevent this for them with regular cardiac check ups.

Luckily the bulk of the doctor appointments are done and Allie won't have many more check ups to go through. Maybe we can all start a more normal schedule soon!

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