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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8 weeks old!

The girls are 8 weeks old today and they are smiling more and more...of course the minute we started taking pictures they either cried, fell asleep, or looked at the camera like it was from outer space! Nonetheless, we tried to get some cute pics...

Allie a little preturbed
"Not sure what this camera thing is in my face"

Addie in one of the more content moments!

They are looking more and more alike every they are sleeping together. Their profiles look really similar these days.

This week Andie and I celebrate our 6th anniversary. I got my anniversary present a little early and I'm so proud of them. Not one, but TWO diamond and pink gold anniversary to celebrate each of my girls! Isn't he the greatest husband ever!?!? I love the pink gold- it is so different and unique and such a great way to celebrate girls! It's hard to see the color of the gold in the picture but I like wearing them stacked together! I can even wear them as wedding bands when I don't feel like wearing my big ring. He is so awesome!!!!

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  1. Beautiful babies... and beautiful rings!! Andie did a great job.