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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Highs and lows...

Will the highs ever stop being outweighed and interrupted by the lows? This is of course a rhetorical question. The answer is probably never, it might get better, but I suspect there will always be the tinge of bittersweet.

Last night Allie walked on her own for the first time. This is a HUGE milestone for her; she has had some hip problems and has had a very difficult time learning to walk because her hip is rotated and not aligned properly. We've been doing physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments and she has made vast improvements in the past couple of weeks.

Last night I was playing with the girls in their room. We were all having the best time rolling around and rough housing. I was doing a bunch of tickling, just soaking in the sounds of their wonderful laughter. While we were playing Allie stood up and walked about 5 steps to me all on her own, completely unsupported. I was so excited and started clapping. Then Addie started clapping for Allie too, and Allie was so proud of herself. She did it several more times and we kept playing.

Then I came crashing down when I realized how proud Andie would be and how excited he would have been to see this happen. So there I am laying on the girls' bedroom floor sobbing. Of course they're wondering what the hell just happened since seconds before we were all giggling.

I managed to pull myself together but was full of tension and irritability for the rest of the evening. When I finally got myself to bed the tears came back again. All I can think is... Why? Why did this ever have to happen? Why me? Why them? Then I got angry with God, then I got angry with Andie for leaving. Irrational, yes- but it's what we grievers do. I cried so hard I had to remind myself to breath. Big, racking sobs...until I fell asleep.

And that is what life is like in the Simmons household these days. Highs and lows, laughter and crying, joy and pain.
All cohabitating...


  1. My heart goes out to you. Every milestone the girls reach, every funny thing they say... i'm proud, i laugh... and then i'm sad that Darin missed it. btw: from one MOM to another, i think things get easier when they start walking. It's not like with a singleton. Once twins start walking, YOU actually have more independence. You don't have to carry them everywhere. You can "lead" them instead of making two trips carrying them everywhere. :) I'm praying for you, daily.

  2. Thanks Nikki! I've been thinking about you lately...hope things are well.

  3. i get this- it's similar here- laughing- crying- and i'm in a daze a lot lately too-

  4. Hello, new to your blog sent from the ways of "Her Southern Charm". My heart aches for you and your girls. However, you are making life beautiful by carrying on and staying strong. Sure you will have those moments its normal and healthy to have them. I am helping raise my boyfriends triplets. It takes an army. I have faith that in God you and your girls will overcome most of the pain, carry on his beautiful memory and soak in the beauty of life. Looking forward to reading. Cassie