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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's gonna be a long one- I got lots to say

Well I am on Spring Break from work and definitely need the rest. I've been having trouble falling back to sleep at night after I get up for my 2 am potty break. I will be cleaning out closets and getting the office ready for it's transformation into a nursery! A big "thank you" to my friend Heather who suggested some awesome websites for custom nursery bedding! I found some really cute things and I think I'm planning on using coordinating, but not necessarily matching fabrics for each girl's crib. That way they can establish a little of their own identities...and maybe Andie and I will be able to tell them apart by remembering which one goes in which crib!

I had multiple doctor appointments over the past few days. The long and short of it is that everything is great! The only minor concern my OB and cardiologist had was that my ankles are beginning to swell in the afternoons. The good thing is that my blood pressure is not up at all and my aortic measurements are stable. It was recommended that I wear some lovely support hose to help with the swelling, which is just swell! (pun intended) That's going to be so comfortable and attractive in Texas in the summer! The babies are right on track with everything and there are no concerns from any of the docs. I'll post the newest sono pics soon- they have adorable little profiles if I don't say so myself!

The doctor measured my fundal height (for you non-preggers people, that's basically a measurement of how big my tummy/uterus is). Even though I'm only 18 weeks along, I'm measuring at what a normal pregnant woman would at 24-26 weeks with only one baby!!! Wow- my body looks and feels like it is 6 months pregnant instead of 4 1/2. My cardiologist did say it was time to quit all excercise, avoid stress, and just rest...I was a little irritated with this until Mom reminded me that I had to treat my body like I am 6 mos. pregnant instead of 4 1/2 and I just needed to go with the flow. My OB also said that she is going to want me to cut back my hours at work in a month or so. Despite being the size of a woman who is way more pregnant than me, I have only gained 10 pounds total and my OB is very happy with this- "excellent" was the term she used. Guess I'm pretty much "all baby"!

Since I am about halfway through with my pregnancy (since I'll only make it to about 37 weeks) the OB and cardiologist are going to start seeing me more frequently now. Every two weeks for the OB and every 3 weeks for the cardiologist. That's in addition to the every two weeks I already see the high risk pregnancy specialist- lots of attention on these two little ones!

We've had lots of questions about possible names...we have a few that we are tossing around but we're not going to tell anyone until we've made a firm decision. So, you all will just have to wait on that!

One last thing- I think all of us women should start a movement to make maternity pants the norm whether you're pregnant or not. I say this because I started wearing my first pair of maternity pants and they are SOOOO comfy!!! Why don't we wear these things all the time instead of torturing ourselves for fashion and wearing regular pants that require buttons and zippers! I'm loving these things! Gotta go shopping for more maternity pants soon- I'm not as thrilled with the tent like maternity shirts though, I've actually found much cuter options in the non-maternity section when it comes to tops.


  1. I am SURE you have, but shop at Target! I see some cute maternity tops there. And Old Navy also has some really cute things (at least online). I am sooo glad to hear that things went well with the doctors. Guess you better start doing some serious testing so you can lie in bed and write reports in a month. :) Can't wait to see you!

  2. HA! I agree on both accounts! Long live maternity pants! I also found shirts that fit much better in the regular clothing dept but just in a size or two bigger than normal. The maternity shirt are so HUGE. Sooooo...since we're starting a movement and everything I should tell you, I haven't stopped wearing mat. pants!!! Aghhh, I know, I were just kidding and now here I am divulging all this info. I only have two pairs that I still wear - one shorts, and one capris - but I don't see them being packed up anytime soon! They are super great for playing on the floor and at the park when you have to stretch out and be comfy, when you have an off week and eat too much cake, etc, etc. I'm with ya sister! No more zippers! No more buttons! *chanting*

  3. I'm behind ya all the way Heather! I bought two pair of maternity jeans at Target today and I think they are awesome!! I think if we band together we can change the world of women's clothing!!!

  4. I must confess... I too have a couple of maternity pants that I still wear occasionally. They are just TOO comfy! I love them, they are a good investment.

  5. Okay, I LOVE the picture. Your hair looks SO cute short like that! And the little belly is definitely coming along... Cute!