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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The girls are doing fantastic... during the day. Now, nighttime is a different story all together. They are both having some colicky episodes but they never seem to get their crying episodes in sync, so just as one gets calm the other gets upset. This makes for some very long and frustrating nights since we are all very sleep deprived. Andie goes back to work this week and my mom goes back to work on Saturday so that will be my first day home alone with the girls- let's all hope and pray that I survive by myself!

We had the girls first pictures made yesterday and I cannot wait to show them off- they are the cutest ever!!! The photographer came to our house and did everything here which was much more convenient than going to a studio. It was a very long day, she was here from 10 to 3. The girls were nude in the pictures (think Anne Geddes type photos) and so we all got peed on several times throughout the day and I got pooped on not once, but twice! There are no other children in the world for which I would sacrifice a brand new white shirt and some of my favorite jeans, but it was all sooo worth it! As soon as the photographer gets everything developed she will send me a link for me to share so everyone can view them online. I'll post that as soon as I get it.

I better get back to my girls...they'll be waking up any minute wanting lunch!

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