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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Making progress!

The girls are both making good progress and the doctor thinks they will probably be ready to come home either Tuesday or Wednesday. They have each gained an ounce a day which is the goal the doctor has set for them...they are such little champs!!! Allison is now over her original birth weight and Addison is not far behind hers.

We spent a lot of time with them today and we are so smitten! They are both just perfect and we think they are the most beautiful babies around. We are going to take some more pictures tomorrow so everyone can see how cute they are.


  1. Yes, we need more pictures!!! You looked great the day they were born!!
    We are praying extra hard for you guys, I told the teens about the sweet girls and they are praying they get to come home soon too. I am sure it is hard to leave them, but this soon will be over and ya'll will be one big family at home!! Kiss them for us too!!

  2. YEAH go girls go!!!! So happy to hear they are getting stronger and growing. Your pics from your delivery are great and I cant wait to see more!