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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sweet girls- they love to be close...Allison on left and Addison on the right

Addison giving a little smile!

Allison in Daddy's hands

Daddy loving on Allison!

Last night we spent the night at the hospital "rooming in" with Addison, and today she will be discharged to come home with us. Of course, we didn't get much sleep at all, but it was so fun to be with her and feel like a real parent who doesn't have to turn their child back into the nursery! Allison is fighting hard to keep her body temp. up and we were told yesterday that she would get to come home today too, but last night her temperature fell and the neonatalogist doesn't feel comfortable letting her go quite yet. She will probably be discharged tomorrow or the next day and we can't wait to have both girls home with us. They are just so sweet and precious!!

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  1. They are so sweet when they are that small! They are identical, right? I couldn't remember and I thought they look different. Addison looks a lot like Andie! Are you getting any sleep?