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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Proud parents!!!

Here's the latest pictures and updates on everyone...

The girls were born 08/04/09. Allison Grace (4lbs, 4 oz- 17 1/2 inches long) came first at 7:09 pm and Addison Lee (5lbs, 2 oz- 18 inches long) came a minute later at 7:10 pm. They both were breathing well on their own and Addison got to go to the regulary nursery. Allison had to go to NICU because she weighed under 5 pounds but she was a good, strong eater right away! She was breathing great on her own but started having difficulty regulating her body temperature and staying warm since she's such a little bitty! So she had to stay there under the warmers and couldn't come see me :(

I developed severe pre-eclampsia after delivery and was on IV medications and not allowed to go see Allison in the NICU, but they did bring Addison to me since she was staying in the regular nursery. My doctor said it was really good timing that we went ahead and delivered the girls when we did because otherwise the pre-eclampsia would have been full blown while they were still in me...that would not have been good. Yesterday was a really rough day for me: 3 hours of sleep in 36 hours, learning to breastfeed, double vision and lack of muscle control from meds, hormones, and not getting to see my own daughter!

Allison progressed and was moved to the intermediate ICU instead of NICU but still couldn't leave that area and I was not allowed to go see her, so she may end up being a daddy's girl since he was the only one she got to see! I will get to go see her for the first time this afternoon and I can't wait!!! Addison is with her in the intermediate ICU because yesterday she started having trouble regulating her body temperature too. The doctors say this is a really common problem with such little babies and it's nothing to be worried about, but we just have to monitor them closely and keep them warm so that their bodies can work on regulating all their other systems.

I am finally off of the medication that was giving me double vision and lack of muscle coordination and feeling much better. My spirits are in a whole different place today than they were yesterday and I can't wait to go visit my babies this afternoon!!!


  1. YEAH they are here!!! So glad you are doing better today. I will continue to pray for you guys that you get to visit both girls very soon and you continue to feel better. Such a very exciting time for the Simmons!!

  2. They are so cute!! BEAUTIFUL!! PERFECT!! I want to hold them, please!! I know how those hormones and meds are so take good care of yourself. I know you have an awesome support group, too. Keep us posted! CONGRATS!!!