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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today is 3 months that Andie has been gone and though it sounds like a short time, it feels like an eternity. The shock is wearing off and I've had a lot more emotional days, especially this past week. I know it will get harder before it gets easier and that pretty much sucks!

The girls are doing so well, they are 32" tall and got to move to big girl car seats facing forward this week! They are so proud of themselves! Addie is very close to walking and she stood up unassisted and stayed standing without holding onto anything for the first time today! They are both talking up a storm. They say, "mama", "dada", "ba-ba"-for bottle, and "bye-bye". They can sign "more" and Addie will sometimes say "nigh-nigh" for night-night. Addie also got her first haircut this week- it was really just a snip of a few stray hairs but that still counts right?!

I'm so sad that Andie is missing out on all of this fun stuff with the girls. People tell me all the time that he can still see them from heaven and I think if I hear that one more time I might scream. I know people are trying to be comforting, but it brings no comfort to me or the girls to not be able to experience things with their dad. It's simply not the same without him physically present.

We'll check in again next week and let you all know how we're doing. Hopefully things will be going a little smoother...


  1. Brooke - you and your girls are being prayed for a lot. Hang in there and lean on the Lord. He will give you comfort in the dark moments and strength you didn't know you had. Hugs.
    Katie P.
    (former classmate of Andie's