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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

and PUSH some more...

Growth, change, evolution, excelling, achieving, reaching a goal...they all require pushing the limits and pushing your personal boundaries. Emotional, physical, and spiritual boundaries. Afterall, athletes don't break records by doing the same old routine over and over. They constantly push themselves to go a little further...they don't settle for the status quo.

The other day I shared with you all that "Push" is my new mantra because everyday I have to push through. Today I pushed myself to exercise. It started it out with having to push myself to just put my running shoes on but once I was out there it was easy to push myself some more and actually jog a little. This was an emotional and physical boundary- one of the activities that Andie and I enjoyed together was jogging every night with the girls in the stroller when we got home from work. I haven't gone since he died- it was hard to think about doing it alone but today I decided to push myself. Once I got jogging I pushed myself more and and wouldn't let myself quit when my body wanted to. "Don't stop here, you can make it to the next corner," I'd tell myself. Boy did I feel proud when I got home! The initial push is always the worst, once you get some momentum you don't have to push yourself so hard.

Sometimes we just need a little push, sometimes we need a big push. Sometimes we push ourselves, and sometimes we need others to push us. Sometimes life pushes us- forcing us to reevaluate who we are, grow and change into something new, and come out on the other side enlightened and better for it. Life doesn't settle for status quo! We can't become better, greater, more self-aware people if we don't push ourselves to do more, achieve more, BE more.

So reach out to someone, share a part of yourself, get off the couch, play with your kids, go after your dream...who knows what you'll accomplish if you just PUSH!

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  1. Nice. I've been enjoying your posts lately. I think you're right on and am glad you've been blessed with such perspective at this point in your life. Keep on keepin' on. XOXO