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Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby update!!!

We had another sonogram today and both twins look "perfect" according to the doctor. Heartbeats are still going strong on both of them, and they are growing according to schedule. One weighs 72 grams and the other weighs 73 grams- I saw online that an average egg weighs 50-55 grams so they are not much bigger than that! They both were moving around some and we even saw one baby lift his arm and suck his thumb! It's truly amazing to have such great technology and be able to see all this cool stuff our little ones are up to.


  1. Brooke,
    So glad to have found you! Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggin!!!

    I can't wait to keep up with your pregnancy and live vicariously through you. Two for one...not a bad deal!! :)