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Monday, February 2, 2009

Will I ever stay up past 9:00 again????

I have been so exhausted lately... growing babies is hard work! I usually am in bed by 8:30 at the latest these days, though on Saturday night I went to bed at 7:30 and slept over 12 hours!! Poor Andie, he has nobody to spend his evenings with anymore. I hear this should get better in the second trimester and we are counting down!

I have felt pretty good otherwise. As long as I eat something every two hours I can manage to not feel sick. Evenings are the worst time for me- nothing sounds good and my stomach is always upset. At least I'm not throwing up! I must be getting some calories in because mom and Andie both commented this weekend that I'm getting "a tummy" or "a pooch". I guess I'm really starting to show now.

So I've been contemplating renting a fetal heart rate monitor to reassure me when I'm feeling nervous. It would be great to be able to check the babies heartbeats anytime I want, but Andie thinks this will only lead to problems. They are not totally reliable and sometimes you can't find the heartbeat with the machine- he thinks this will lead to panic attacks. I, on the other hand think I will be perfectly rational about it since I know that going what do ya'll think? Am I going to worry myself needlessly, or will this actually give me piece of mind?


  1. Well... You may already be guessing what I am going to say, lol. I think that if you have a heart rate monitor it will lead to some obsessive behavior!! And even if you know going in that it's not reliable, that's different than actually telling yourself that when you are unable to find one of the twin's heartbeats. I can understand wanting one, but I think that as long as the pregnancy is going well I would just stick with the monthly Dr. visits. Sorry. :(

  2. And we want to see "the bump"! Lol

  3. I admit - it led to very obsessive behavior for me. BUT, I am glad I had one (I rented from especially since I had a difficult pregnancy and it was reassuring to me. I didn't rent one until I was past 15 weeks, so it was very reliable for me (although it can take a while sometimes which can cause undue stess!).