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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Embarrassing pregnancy moment #1

So yesterday morning I wasn't feeling too good. A little queasy when I got up but I managed to eat a bowl of cereal and then felt better. A little while later I was feeling yucky again so I downed a banana thinking...last time I ate something and felt better, so I better eat something again. BIG MISTAKE!!! As I was backing out of the driveway to go to work, the sudden urge to puke hit me. I threw the car in park, managed to undo my seat belt and flew out of the car and proceeded to projectile vomit into the front yard. As I was bent over with drool coming out of my mouth, I hear my neighbor across the street yell, "Brooke, are you alright?" I managed to get out, "Yeah" right before I hurled again. She just smiled and said, "I know how you feel" and went back inside. I was so thankful she didn't feel the need to come rub my back or watch my public display of puking go any further. Luckily, she knows I'm pregnant and had a perfectly valid reason for vomiting at 7:30 in the morning....I was not hung over from the super bowl party the night before! So, that is my first very embarrassing pregnancy moment...I'm sure there are more to come which I will gladly share with all of you.


  1. I feel for you. No advice really except that hopefully it won't last too long...(the puking that is, the embarrassment will only get worse - let me know the first time a stranger feels ok touching your belly!) The only thing that I ever thought helped were Ginger flavored Altoids (I also ate a lot of Snickers and for weeks that was the only thing that tasted good). Now, whenever I smell Ginger Altoids I want to gag.
    I am also going to side with Andie on the fetal heart moniter. With two heartbeats how could you ever tell? My nurse always freaked me out when she would look forever and not be able to find the heartbeat...and everything was always fine.

  2. Wow, glad you weren't already traveling down the road!!! I agree with Teresa, strangers touching the belly is a HUGE no-no in my book.

  3. I am definitely a "I have a bubble" kind of person so it will really freak me out to have strangers touching me!

  4. LOL! Wow, it's a good thing you weren't testing a kid or something at the time.