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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bring on the waterworks!

So I experienced my first hormonal meltdown on Monday afternoon. I had the day off of work so I thought I would drop in on some nearby daycares to get an idea of what they were like. I was less than two different locations there were infants lying in cribs crying and nobody paid any attention to them. No soothing words, no back rubbing, no picking them up- and that was with me the "visiting parent" in the room!! Imagine how neglected they are when nobody is watching! I was only impressed with one location that I visited and of course I might as well give up my right arm to pay the fees. (Remember I have to pay tuition for two babies!)

After my catastrophic day driving around town to daycares I called Andie and proceeded to cry uncontrollably about how I could not under any circumstances leave my children in daycare, and he would just have to quit his job so he could stay home full time. As always, he managed to calm me down and assure me that he would not under any circumstances quit his job...we would just have to figure something out. A little while later I talked to my mom and it started all over again- hysterical tears about what kind of mother I would be to knowingly leave my children in a place where I know they weren't being cared for, blah, blah, blah. She too assured me that we would figure something out and she was going to help as much as possible. :) Under no circumstances was I to worry about this anymore because she was going to help me fix it! I love my mommy!!!

So I've decided that I will look for a private nanny to come to our home to care for the twins on the days that Andie and Mom aren't able to do it...if anyone has any good recommendations in the New Braunfels area I'm all ears (and fewer tears for now)


  1. My sitter is great. She couldn't come to your house, but she might have room next year for you and the babies. Let me know if you want me to ask her about it. I'll also ask around, too.

  2. I have a LSSP friend who has a nanny that watches her baby and she LOVES her. The nanny even does the house work. I think she pays around 7 or 8 dollars an hour. Anyway, I'll ask her where she found the nanny... and send the info your way.

    Just to help with the hormones. I TOTALLY did the same thing with Addison. I cried and cried over one of the day care facilities. You have to be comfortable with the place. It was hard putting her in at first, but OMG... I am so thankful for my grown up time and I absolutely love her day care. We are moving her to a closer day care starting in March and I am so much more comfortable with day cares now that she has been in one. The teachers love her and I feel she is well cared for, but I agree... you gotta be comfortable with the place, you don't want to add any more guilt to your virtual mommy plate.