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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top Widowhood Blog Award Winner!

I have been honored to receive one of the Top Widowhood Blog Awards by!

As stated on their site:

"The loss of a spouse is devastating; it can take months, even years to recover from such a crisis. Grief counseling is critical in coping and dealing with the death of a spouse. If you have suffered through the death of your husband or wife, these award winning blogs can help you in finding counseling, meeting others in your situation and provide the knowledge that you are not alone. These blogs are also very important reading if you are considering a career in the psychological field; they will provide insight into the important work of grief counselors.

Please join me in congratulating our Top Widowhood Blog award winners presented by Psychology Degree!"

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  1. Congrats...I'm not much of a reader but if your blog was for sale...I'd buy it. you have an amazing way with words. Happy Holidays to you and your girls and you'll always be in our prayers!!

  2. Wow Brooke! That is an amazing honor! Congratulations and I agree that you are a wonderful writer. Hugs!

  3. WOW!! Congratulations Brooke, you are an awesome writer. :)