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Friday, January 21, 2011

3 days later...

The healing is creeping in. Ever so slowly. As though all the crying I do is wringing out the pain from my soul and tear by tear, drop by drop, it is making room for peace to soak back in and settle in its place.

I know this because I forgot to go to the grave this month. I go on the 18th of every month without fail. It has been so important for me to do this that I make special arrangements to be able to go. Getting up early so I have time to go before work, or asking the nanny to stay a little late so I can make a detour there on my way home from work. But this month, it didn’t consume me. This month, I simply forgot. It didn’t even cross my mind.

Until today… 3 days later.


  1. it is healing- and it's also hard to realize. you're doing so well brooke. isn't this just a total nightmare? I am just so raw again lately.

  2. Healing is a good thing, Brooke. And healing doesn't mean forgetting...for any of us!